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Our Environmental Policy

Whitney Sawmills is a key supplier of British timber in the UK and its key policy is the continuation of the UK’s traditions of sustainable timber supplies and woodland management. Whitney Sawmills is committed to replanting trees as they are felled. In addition the sixty-acre wood, that the sawmill is sited in, was planted with mixed native hardwood , by the previous owner of the mill . It continues to be managed in the traditional way and plays an important role in the education of the next generation of people entering this industry, during the woodland to workshop courses that are run by woodland heritage

The ecology of our woodlands has, over thousands of years, adapted to man’s harvesting cycle. Many of the key woodland species of plants and trees cannot germinate or survive without the extra sunlight that penetrates to ground level when a tree is felled, and numerous species of woodland animal rely on the presence of these plants. Of increasing importance, atmospheric carbon dioxide is absorbed by the growing tree and sequestered in the wood it creates. When the tree is felled, the carbon remains locked in that timber, often for hundreds of years – providing a vital service to combat the build-up of greenhouse gases.

The deep soils of Herefordshire have long been recognised as providing exceptional conditions for growing quality hardwoods and British oak trees. Our UK timber is largely sourced from this area as well as neighbouring Shropshire and Gloucester, including the extensive local woodlands belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall.

We are able to source English Oak for a wide range of projects which we can supply at very affordable, please contact the office for current prices.