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Test Page for Cheryl

Here you can practice on using the text and element part of the website CMS.

Hover over the the text you wish to edit, then click EDIT.

General text needs to be typed and left as normal. But if you would like to make a heading the following examples show the types available. You click on the dropdown arrow by “Normal” in the text editor above.

Example Heading 1

Example Heading 2

Example Heading 3

To add an element, such as a button, hover to the left of the text and under a line to bring up little grey markers or black line. Click on these and the content block will appear, so you can add buttons. You can also add images from this menu. If the markers do not appear, just click on the grey part of the screen to come out of “text mode”.

Please note the small size button should be used the most. The medium button has a white background for banners, so should not be used on pages as you can't see it(!)

These elements can also be “dragged”. If you hover to the right of the large button, a hand will appear, click and drag it next to the small button and you get 2 buttons side by side. A black line will appear to show where it is going. You can then drag it back to it’s own place anywhere on the page. All elements can be dragged and will click into place like columns next to or above/below each other.

Have fun!