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Castenea Sativa

The sapwood is narrow, and distinct from the heartwood which is yellowish-brown in colour, closely resembling Oak in appearance but lacking the silver-grain figure characteristic of that timber, resulting from the finer rays. The grain may be straight, but is more commonly spiral, particularly in wood from old trees. The trees are prone to stress and can split after conversion and therefore the boards are not that wide It weighs about 560 kg/m³ when dried.

On account of its somewhat acidic character Chestnut tends to accelerate the corrosion of metals, particularly when moist. It also contains tannin, as a result of which blue-black discolourations are prone to appear on the wood when it comes into contact with iron or iron compounds.  

Technical detail from TRADA

  • Wood type – hardwood  
  • Mechanical strength – moderate
  • Durability – moderately durable
  • Treatability-  difficult
  • Density- 560kg/m3 at 12%
  • Colour and grain – grey brown