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Juglans regia

Although not widely available, English Walnut is considered to be one of the most beautiful timbers. Used for high class furniture and gun stocks, the dark colouring and deep lustre of the wood make it a prized timber for prestigious applications.

Together with Italian Walnut, trees grown in England are among the best in the world and fine specimens are always in great demand. However, they are not grown commercially in this country and availability is generally limited to individual trees from private gardens and estates.

Although highly prized, Walnut also presents a number of challenges. The tree is often knotty and the centre of the log is prone to shake (splits) so users of walnut should expect a high percentage of waste.

Technical detail from TRADA

  • Wood type – hardwood  
  • Mechanical strength – moderate
  • Durability – moderately durable
  • Treatability-  difficult
  • Density- 670kg/m3 at 12%
  • Colour and grain – grey brown with reddish streaks